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Our USP is 'Break the Shackles'. Our mantra is 'Strike the chord with the first look'. We aim to create never-thought-of-before designs, to present regular ideas in matchless ways and to maintain the highest level of professionalism...

We specialise in:

Interactive Design


Apps Design




  • Tina Narang, Publisher, Scholastic India

    "Mizeebi Media's cover for Soma Guha's retelling of the Mahabharata with a die-cut on the front cover was not only striking but unique in design and conception."

  • Shashi K. Gupta, Managing Editor, Srijan Publishers

    "Mizeebi Media is a blend of excellent team spirit and creativity. Their ideas and quality of work in the design and related sector is at its par excellence in the industry."

  • Ken Spillman, Australian Author

    "I was lucky to work with Ajanta, in Mizeebi Media, when she magnificently illustrated one of my most visually challenging books, blending fantasy with unusual perspectives on recognisable historical sites."

  • Manisha Chaudhry, Editorial Head, Pratham Books

    "Mizeebi Media has an artistic sensibility and a strong sense of professionalism. Their openness to suggestion/feedback and strong engagement with the text has made our interactions very fruitful."

  • Harish Chawla, Director, Adobe Infotech

    "I highly recommend Mizeebi Media to anyone looking for the best customer experience and creative designs. Their eye for detail and professional approach has been very valuable."

  • Priya Kuriyan, Animator and Illustrator

    "It has been a pleasure to work with Ajanta and her team. Her commitment to the quality of the finished product, be it the design of a book or illustrations is commendable. She is a thorough professional."

  • Deeya Nayar, Senior Editor, Tulika Publishers

    "Ajanta is a highly professional, talented and versatile illustrator. We've worked on many books together, and it has always been a pleasure!"

  • Poonam Ruia, Tarot Reader, Su-Jok Therapist and Pyramid Vaastu Consultant

    "Happy with the work we had done with Mizeebi Media team - efficient and effective. Their innovativeness and professional approach has been consistent. I highly recommend the entire team!"

  • Sudeshna Shome Ghosh, Publishing Consultant, Red Turtle

    "I have worked with Ajanta on many book projects and her imaginative work was always a pleasure. She, at Mizeebi Media, took care to understand the text and bring out many hidden facets through her illustrations and design."

  • Priya Sebastian, Illustrator

    "Ajanta's illustrations continue to enchant me over the years. Her works leap out at me from bookshelves because of their vibrant colour and patterns. It has been a pleasure knowing her as an art director and a fellow illustrator."

  • Aekta Kapoor, Editor, Fashion101.in, Dainik Bhaskar Group

    "Ajanta is one of the most brilliant illustrators I have worked with. Her illustrations evoke both innocence and insight, and bring the written word to life in a beautiful, arresting way."

  • Sayoni Basu, Publisher, Duckbill Books

    "Ajanta's own artwork is gorgeous and she has an instinctive sense of style which renders every book she designs perfect in form and content."

Smart, Curious, Hands on

Mizeebi Media is the first-of-its-kind...


Smart, Curious, Hands on

These are the qualities that define us as a team. Other words that describe us are: friendly, enthusiastic, inventive, persistent, funny (some more than others), creative, geeky and proficient.

Mizeebi Media is the first-of-its-kind - a one-stop content-design-print solution company. We fulfill all requirements related to content, designing and printing of Print, Web and Digital sectors under one roof.

We share the passion and zeal to excel. We take pride in delivering our services on time and in exceeding the expectations of our clients. Not only do we derive satisfaction from the work we do, we strive to win and maintain the faith of our clients.

When We Say Remote, We Mean Remote!

For us, the world has truly shrunk...


When We Say Remote, We Mean Remote!

Mizeebi Media is headquartered in New Delhi, India but a sizeable number of Mizeebi Media team works remotely and autonomously from home offices, coffee shops, or anywhere with an internet connection. We are growing because we have team members almost all over the world to give the best to our clients.

Whatever be the language, we have the solutions. Whatever be the region, we reach out to address your needs. For us, the world has truly shrunk.

Be whatever the time, be whatever the day - we are always at work. Time matters; we prove it with the delivery of quality work.

Our Gamut of

We build brands...


Our gamut of work

Take a walk through our body of work - it is a world unto itself. We design magazines, booklets, newspapers, supplements, broadsheets, annual reports, case studies, coffee table books, tabloids, books, travel guides, newsletters, impact features, etc. We have provided contents in all languages, regional, national or international. Our visuals include photos, illustrations, cartoons, graphics, etc.

We build brands.

We develop websites, e-magazines, e-paper, etc. Our footprints are also in the digital world. Animation, gaming solutions, mobile apps, transcription, voice makeover, etc. - you name it, we do it. Our work truly ranges a spectrum. And we look forward to making it all the more wider.

Building Heart-to-Heart Bonds

Our ties of friendship extends to varied sectors...


Building heart-to-heart bonds

We come on board as professionals but view our clients as friends. Satisfied ones at that. Our ties of friendship extends to varied sectors - luxury, automobile, education, health, dining & beverage, tourism, real estate, wildlife, nightlife, aviation, government bodies, legal, HR, IT, travel, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals, NGOs.

That is not all! Our client-friends belong to areas that normally do not figure in the people's ken like auction, employment relations, science and research, weights and measures, legal, furniture etc.

As we grow, we are taking along our friends in the journey of expansion. We consider their prosperity as our responsibility and we take it seriously.


We take pride in providing solutions keeping in mind the clients'/3rd parties' viewpoint. Our satisfied clients hail from all sectors and backgrounds. We keep our brains sharp to give the best possible results...

  • ABP
  • Aleph Books
  • Bhushan Steel
  • BILT
  • BSNL
  • Businessworld
  • Childrens Book Trust
  • Clairvolex
  • Club One Air
  • Dainik Bhaskar Group
  • FCI
  • Ford
  • Harper Collins
  • HP
  • ITDC
  • Jubilant
  • Jungle Jamboree
  • Lenovo
  • Lions International
  • Lokmat
  • Metro Cash & Carry
  • Micronutrient Initiative
  • National Book Trust
  • NHAI
  • Nokia
  • ONGC
  • Oxford University Press
  • P3
  • Panasonic
  • Penguin India
  • Pratham Books
  • Puffin India
  • Roca
  • Room to Read
  • SAIL
  • Scholastic
  • Scholastic
  • Scholastic
  • The Telegraph
  • Tota Books
  • TTK
  • Tulika
  • Xseed

We specialise in:

Interactive Design


Apps Design



We are design-addicts; we believe in giving wings and shape to your ideas.
We dig innovative ideas; the more challenging they are, the better it is.
We think out-of-box; rules, regulations, pre-set parameters don't figure in our dictionary.


Sunil Dang


Ajanta Guhathakurta

co-Founder & Creative Director

Namrata Shah

Consultant, Content Editor

Takako Nakagawa

Consultant, Illustrator & Comic Artist

Ashutosh Kumar Singh

Consultant, Technologies

Ashish Kumar Singh

Consultant, Sales & Marketing Solutions

B.P. Agarwal

Consultant, Finance & Taxation

Pramod Agarwal

Consultant, Legal

We specialise in:

Interactive Design


Apps Design




We are not just a creative/design house; we are a complete media house.

Besides creative business, Mizeebi Media's subsidiaries have made their presence felt in print/web/digital media, automobile, body-art industry, non-profit/social and civic organisations. After brand names like Wheelsology®.com, Tattoopie®.com and NGOupdate®.com, we are looking to discover some more jewels...

  • A fully-loaded world's unique automobile news website...


  • A new-age news platform of body-art and artists...


  • Wide gamut of philanthropy and social movements...


We specialise in:

Interactive Design


Apps Design



Grow With Us

Mizeebi Media fulfills all requirements related to text/visual content, designing and printing of Print, Web and Digital sectors under one umbrella.

We provide design solutions/consultancy in all national, international and regional languages of the world.

The world is changing, so are we. We work collaboratively and are determined to show remarkable results no one thought of.

Everyone loves to work their way, at their convenience and from the location they choose. We work for and all over the world; that's why we are active 24*7.

For us, work is very important but our team is most important.

We're always on the lookout for creative and passionate free-birds at every level of our team.

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